Utilisation of specific technologies to ensure higher level of satisfaction, comfort and security for both customers and users. This includes technologies designed for households, for example, to ensure safe use of the Internet, such as parent locks, website blocking, time locks, application access control, ad blocking etc. At business customer level this can include network integrity and protection against such threats as DDoS attacks, viruses, malware or spam. In addition, there are features for secure communication, staff efficiency enhancement, quality reporting etc.

As an example of tools designed for user and customer satisfaction improvement we can name Subscriber Management and Session Management tools. These tools are designed to control each user's communication independently, regardless of location or network being used. Service providers hereby measure data being transmitted, while being able to modify customer service for those customers that exceeded their service limits. Besides traditional reporting we can use such information to set up rules across users or applications. Such a management tool is able to redirect a user that has exceeded his/her service limit to a special portal to define new service parameters. Alternately, the tool is able to redirect network traffic selectively, thereby changing network configuration to reflect the current situation and prevent network congestion or unavailability.

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Active Network Security

Most of today’s networks is protected from Internet attacks, considered to be the greatest security risk. An overwhelming majority of attacks at corporate networks is lead from inside the corporation – from the local network. Corporate local networks are expanding, and it is often difficult to perform retroactive mapping of all active ports; standard Ethernet hubs are added by employees to increase the number of ports locally. At the same time, more and more users access the network wirelessly, both from company and private laptops, in addition to various mobile devices. It is almost impossible to find out who connected from what location, to what application and what data were transferred. We do not know the exact address plan, and we keep reserving addresses that are unused for a long time. In case of an attack, we are virtually defenseless, unable to identify the attacker.

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WAF – Web Protection without Interfering with the Application

Although there are many security products that perfectly understand communication at network and transparent level (i.e. the HTTP protocol), only WAF can also understand the structure and logic of a particular application, which is always unique. There is no better website protection than Web Application Firewall. And there is a bonus of zero interference with the existing application.

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Malware, Ransomware and Phishing Blocking, Vulnerability Analysis

ICT security is a dynamic process requiring to keep pace with constantly evolving environment of cyber-threats. One of successful approaches is detailed and continuous vulnerability analysis, not only at the network perimeter, but also at individual end-points, as well as across the whole intranet. NetSHIELD provides protection against proliferation of malware, ransomware and phishing. Through automatic audits and identification of known vulnerabilities you are provided a tool to identify network weak points. Finally, it offers next-generation access control solutions for mobile and fixed devices connecting to LAN. It therefore provides the key functions for the whole security chain. You are provided an overview and control over untrustworthy network activities through dynamic control of all devices across the network. NetSHIELD is a non-inline device, which means it can be connected anywhere to identify and isolate a problem from any place.

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Data Center Application Access

The number and the capacity of data centers grows along with the volume of data being transferred and stored. It is expected that monthly data transfer of more than 6 million users is going to exceed 1TB next year. Until recently, an average smartphone user would do with a data tariff of hundreds of megabytes per month, while today we are aiming at tens of gigabytes. Data centers require uninterruptible source of power (with a backup), cooling, security control, firefighting measures, suitable HW and SW incl. redundancy, high-capacity and multiple network infrastructure, incl. data traffic security and control. It is the data traffic security and control that we specialize in.

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