Product Services

VUMS DataCom is a long-term value-added distributor operating on the Czech telecommunications market. All the time we try to listen to the needs of our customers, whether it is an international company or a local Internet provider in the region.

We are therefore fully aware of the importance of the reliability of our technologies, as the work of thousands of users depends on their operation. Any technology, however advanced, can go wrong. That's why we offer product services to reduce the impact of networking problems on user applications. Please see the overview below.

Guaranteed holding of spare parts

Due to the variety of products and frequency bands, not every operator can afford to buy their own spare connections, therefore we have been providing our customers with a guaranteed spare parts loan service in case of breakdown for many years.

Service Principle


  • For fast lending we maintain our own spare parts warehouse. We guarantee to borrow the relevant part to ensure the functionality of the link in the case of a technical defect in the supplied equipment for the entire period of repair of the original part.
  • The repaired part under warranty is returned to the user, the lent part back to our warehouse.
  • The spare part provided in exchange for a part after the warranty is not exchanged back, thus saving one planned outage and technician outage.
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We provide consulting services to our business partners, such as setting up the correct device configurations, optimising the operation of network elements, consulting, analytical work, project management and preparation, equipment installation, operational supervision, and much more. All these activities are tailored to the needs of partners individually to their maximum satisfaction.

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Proof of Concept is the activity whose main purpose is to demonstrate the functionality of the solution in practice. Before the PoC itself, the purpose of the PoC should be clearly defined. The result of PoC itself is to convince users of the promised qualities and features of the tested solution.

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Services for technological partners

VUMS Datacom represents a major global technology company that prides itself on its ability to:

  • Outsource business organizations
  • Represent vendors on the Czech, Slovak and International markets
  • Develop local and international channels
  • Create and approach verticals based on vendor specific requirements
  • Provide solution based selling
  • Consult strategically, including business plans, sales strategies and development
  • Lead the transition from classical data communication to QoE
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