VUMS Datacom offers its partners a wide range of services from pre-sales support to a surveillance centre. Technical consultation, traffic analysis, network testing and design and implementation of customer solutions are carried out by our specialists who all have extensive experience. Our company also focuses on training, where we offer a wide range of technological courses and product certification training.


  • Delivering customer service equipment parts throughout the country
  • Ensuring the stable  operation of communication infrastructure
  • Monitoring and analysing communication infrastructure, applications and network connectivity
  • VUMS MSS - ICT security management services
  • Services for technology partners
  • Education 

Delivering customer service equipment parts throughout the country

A very popular part of the service is the replacement of equipment with guaranteed delivery times for any place in the Czech Republic. We frequently provide assistance in integrating devices into networks for our customers. Another of the very practical and long-term valued services focuses on the age of the device, in relation to its usage. Customers please note the increased probability of failure of equipment that has been used over extended periods. 

Ensuring stable operation of a communication infrastructure

A part of the delivery and installation of solutions is the post-installation service and technical support, divided into 3 levels. The first level of support is provided by our skilled local partners; their first step is to refine or localize problems. At any time, they can contact the  VUMS certified professionals who provide second level support. In severe cases, 3rd levels of support is used provided by the manufacturers of the equipment.

For cases when a problem cannot be resolved, problems are immediately escalated to the top management of companies, both local partners VUMS and management vendors.

Monitoring and analysing communication infrastructure, applications and network connectivity

The aim of this service is to prevent restrictive service interruptions caused by malfunction of information and communication systems, the importance and complexity of which grows year by year. Application or hardware failure, unavailability, or overload of a single element of the system can affect client satisfaction. The response of the communication infrastructure of a single application is subjectively assessed by users. This assessment is reflected in the perception of the system as a whole, and thus, of QoE. 

Customers can track key indicators of individual elements, but also the SLA connectivity of entire systems online on the VUMS Datacom website/

VUMS MSS - ICT security management services

All users, companies from all areas, and those who want to somehow exploit data, are aware of the importance of information and communication systems. We have developed and are continuously improving a variety of ways both to protect the security of your ICT, and to prepare solutions conducive to reveal their vulnerabilities. For those of you who do not want to invest in security protection, despite several warnings, we prepared solutions requiring virtually no investment costs.

We currently have five MSS services, which are also scalable, or alternatively they can be combined to create different levels of security (bronze, silver, gold) offered by MSSP.

  • Detecting DDoS attacks
  • Anomaly detection in enterprise networks
  • Web Application Security
  • Anti-spam and email virus protection
  • Controlled access to Wifi in public areas

Services for technology partners

VUMS Datacom represents a major global technology company that prides itself on its ability to:

  • Outsource business organizations
  • Represent vendors on the Czech, Slovak and International markets
  • Develop local and international channels
  • Create and approach verticals based on vendor specific requirements
  • Provide solution based selling
  • Consult strategically, including business plans, sales strategies and development
  • Lead the transition from classical data communication to QoE


VUMS Datacom provides professional training on all products offered. From RAD data communications, Allot and ECI have authorization as a training center.

The types of training:

  • Product certification by the manufacturer
  • Technology with a "VUMS Master" certificate

Each of our technological training courses are completed with a "VUMS Master" certificate. We greatly appreciate the skills of our customers and their educational activities are carefully monitored. Each participant in our training can achieve the "VUMS Master" where, after receiving the highest certification, can also access internal technology information and will be invited to regular meetings, where they will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in data communications and actively contribute to the direction of the company VUMS Datacom.

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