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5G Network Technologies

5G is an abbreviation for 5th Generation mobile networks. This definition might be a bit misleading, because 5G networks provide not only mobile access, but also fixed wireless access. Even today mobile network operators provide fixed access via mobile LTE networks, inaccurately referred to as the 4th generation (4G) networks. Such connection is usually implemented by an LTE modem located in user’s home, or on a rooftop, being firmly associated with a specific address. Furthermore, the newly built overlay layer of mobile networks based on 3.7GHz frequency band ignores the mobility factor completely, focusing on fixed wireless access only. 5G networks will be completely converged, and the differentiation between fixed and mobile connections will no longer make sense.

However, the transition from 4G to 5G will not be implemented by simply replacing the technology by a newer, more up-to-date and powerful one. In order to overcome the generation gap, network parameters must be improved by an order of magnitude at least, while such a significant improvement (e.g. in terms of network capacity or connection speed) cannot be implemented by the currently used methods. Capacity upgrade by an order of magnitude using today’s frequency bands cannot be reached by merely improving the technical parameters. It is necessary to open new frequency bands of a sufficient width, such as 57–66GHz (V-band). The connection concept also needs to be modified for 5G networks, with users transferring their data via all available channels at the same time – via today’s 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi connection as well as networks based on new standards, such as 802.11ad (WiGig) or 802.11ay. It means using all the available channels simultaneously! Mobility is likely to be provided similarly to today’s approach – using low frequencies, across long distances and using lower transmission speeds. Very high-speed transmission will take place via fixed networks employing high frequencies at a very short distance, but with a huge transfer capability. Both of these network types are already built, and will be built and operated in the near future, at first separately, and later integrated into a higher-level functional system that is currently called 5G.

VUMS DataCom already offers such technologies and solutions that can be called ‘5G-ready’. First and foremost, we offer Multihaul wireless system by Israeli company Siklu. It represents a cellular point-multipoint system, providing shared transmission capacity of 1.8Gbps per sector and the peak connection speed of up to 1Gbps for each user. VUMS DataCom also represents the Israeli manufacturer Telrad, whose history dates back to the period of the renowned BreezeCom, and that currently provides LTE technologies for fixed wireless access under the commercial name of BreezeCompact. Cellular systems require powerful connectivity. For areas without optical lines we can use high-capacity point-to-point connections at the band of 70/80GHz (E-band), such as IP-20E by Ceragon company, or EtherHaul by Siklu company.

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5G Network Technologies

blue, the colour of rivers, represents the flow of data communications -  Green, the indicator of starboard on ships will help with navigation and improve the quality of communications

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