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We deliver what modern data centers crave: the enterprise-class performance, protection and resiliency that today’s organizations require, with the cloud economics businesses demand. SimpliVity is a company founded on the belief that today’s modern data centers need to be greatly simplified. The continuous investment in data center infrastructure that use inefficient methods of storing and processing data is not the answer—nor is the way these IT components are managed in functional silos. It’s complex, labor intensive, inefficient and costly. SimpliVity offers a revolutionary and disruptive innovation designed to simplify—and deliver big savings in capital and operational costs. The impact of smartphone innovation for consumers parallels what SimpliVity is doing in the data center. Before smartphones, separate devices such as a phone, camera, GPS, video camera, timepiece, music player, and computer were in use. Now, these technologies (and more) are assimilated in an all-in-one portable unit, eliminating complexity and the need for discrete devices. Costs were reduced, and the user experience was improved. The convergence and efficiency created with this innovation introduced, in a word, simplicity. Similarly, SimpliVity takes the traditional compute, storage, network switching and other data services found in the data center and converges them in an x86 server form factor. The result is lots of functionality in a much smaller footprint and the elimination of independent device management. By packaging SimpliVity’s technology on building block appliances that combine to form a global federation, SimpliVity customers achieve economies and ease of scale. This streamlines purchasing, deployment and management.

SimpliVity’s Groundbreaking Foundational Technology

SimpliVity was founded in 2009. Our founders were intent on building the “right” product to address the identified market problem versus entering the market with a lesser product. This required 43 months of development in stealth mode, perseverance, passion and creativity to drive forward. Why 43 months? SimpliVity’s innovation is not additive and complementary to in-place data center technology; it is revolutionary and disruptive. As a result, SimpliVity is well positioned to address the hyperconverged infrastructure market segment, one of the fastest growing in the $107B IT infrastructure market.

SimpliVity’s groundbreaking foundational technology is based on the OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform and its revolutionary OmniStack Accelerator Card. The Data Virtualization Platform is a globally-aware file system with data optimization techniques that enables a single shared resource pool across multiple sites, and provides highly-efficient data storage, management, and mobility. It abstracts data from its underlying hardware, enabling x86 server independence, shifting policies and management from infrastructure components to the application workload/virtual machine level.  The OmniStack Accelerator Card is a purpose-built PCIe card that offloads OmniStack’s global inline deduplication, compression, and optimization processes to provide the predictable and peak performance that tier 1 mission critical applications require.

SimpliVity’s data architecture globally deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes data at inception across all storage tiers delivering median data efficiency of 40:1. This creates an unparalleled and game-changing level of efficiency since it not only reduces the footprint of the data stored, but also accelerates application performance. Further, SimpliVity’s highly-efficient built-in backup and replication significantly improve recovery objectives, reducing the risk of downtime and data loss. All global resources and workloads are managed centrally via familiar management and orchestration interfaces. By simplifying the infrastructure, management and data storage, SimpliVity improves efficiency and agility, mitigates risk, and helps IT achieve a better economic model with three-fold TCO savings.

SimpliVity’s Setting A Breakneck Pace

The company raised significant capital to develop and introduce SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure to the market, and has successfully navigated obstacles, allowing the company to hit milestones on a pace well ahead of some of the best and brightest IT infrastructure technology companies, including being the first infrastructure company to reach a $1B valuation in just 23 months.

Since launching its first product in April 2013, the world’s leading companies have relied on SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure to transform their data centers. And, SimpliVity has been recognized by the industry for its stellar leadership team, channel acumen and friendliness, and product innovation. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, with sales offices throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific Rim. SimpliVity’s business model is 100% indirect, and its solutions and professional services are available through its network of worldwide resellers and distributors.

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