In the past decade data centres have become a cornerstone of IT structures. Data centres associate all important IT technologies used by companies across all fields of business. While more widespread IT services are becoming available, the added value of data centres and applicable technologies has also increased. Available security solutions can be employed directly by providers for their own purposes, or these security solutions can be offered by providers in form of a service.

Whereas a broad range of IT technologies is employed in a typical data centre, it is desirable to protect these technologies – connected to WAN networks – from potential DDoS attacks. We can differentiate between volumetric attacks and application attacks. The goal of these attacks is to congest line capacity, so that ordinary server requests are denied. Such attacks have an enormous impact on service performance, which results in negative impacts on customers or critical business functions working with valuable data. Application attacks, on the other hand, are more sophisticated, most often designed to steal private data.

Systems for data stream processing optimisation represent an important part of a data centre. Collectively, we can identify these systems as Application Delivery Control (ADC), designed for optimal redistribution of incoming requests amongst servers for further processing. This also results in better utilisation of HW devices for the benefit of higher capital appreciation. 

ADC often includes SSL offloading feature, which offers additional security options by means of secured connection between the client and an ADC server. No encryption is therefore necessary for backend with the benefit of its lower load. In addition, it serves as an intermediate element, decrypting data communication in order to perform checks against security threats (by means of a DPI system) prior to data delivery to the server.

Radware products from our portfolio prove their worth in data centres. These include DDoS security solution called Radware DefensePro, or ADC solution based on SSL offloading called Radware Alteon. For data centres we also offer other useful solutions, such as Allot with its new SG and SSG products designed for traffic management and QoE. These are definitely important products to support your business growth.

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WAF – Web Protection without Interfering with the Application

Although there are many security products that perfectly understand communication at network and transparent level (i.e. the HTTP protocol), only WAF can also understand the structure and logic of a particular application, which is always unique. There is no better website protection than Web Application Firewall. And there is a bonus of zero interference with the existing application.

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Distributed Network Functions – uCPE

In connection with SDN there are discussions about applications that are offered by this open network architecture. There is a new application interface that offers access to applications without regional boundaries while network functions are virtualized. The term Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is often mentioned in this context – it means functions that are in fact independent of SDN, while NFV can utilize the open nature of the SDN interface to the maximum. We need to deliver applications (network functions) to the customer dynamically, based on customer’s current needs. Majority of such virtualized functions will remain in the data center, being allocated to customers dynamically. But there are also functions that we would wish to virtualize, and these must be implemented at the customer. We need an open platform for terminal devices that would allow us to allocate network functions dynamically as needed, thus we need distributed NFV.

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DDoS Protection

The idea of an DDoS attack is simple: the attacker is trying to “overwhelm” the service (application servers, infrastructure, etc.). Lately, however, we have experienced a significant increase in these attacks. There is an increasing frequency of these attacks, in addition to their duration (globally, there even are users under permanent attack) and complexity (attacks are thoroughly prepared, often combining more than five different ways). The number of different goals is also increasing. We can say that these days virtually any company or a market segment can become a victim.

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Data Center Application Access

The number and the capacity of data centers grows along with the volume of data being transferred and stored. It is expected that monthly data transfer of more than 6 million users is going to exceed 1TB next year. Until recently, an average smartphone user would do with a data tariff of hundreds of megabytes per month, while today we are aiming at tens of gigabytes. Data centers require uninterruptible source of power (with a backup), cooling, security control, firefighting measures, suitable HW and SW incl. redundancy, high-capacity and multiple network infrastructure, incl. data traffic security and control. It is the data traffic security and control that we specialize in.

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