Awards for SnoopWall

American company SnoopWall, Inc., which is our suplier for product named NetSHIELD, was recently awarded with two awards: "Cybersecurity Excellence Award" and "Fastest Growing Security Company".

Cybersecurity Excellence Award

The Nano appliance was given the Cybersecurity Excellence Award, which "honors individuals, products and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security."

The world's smallest network access control (NAC) and breach prevention solution has a lot of big features:

  • Detects and Blocks zero day threats 
  • Stops rogue assets from connecting to your network 
  • Discovers vulnerabilities across the network

Fastest Growing Security Company

SnoopWall also won the 13th Annual 2017 Info Security Products Guide's Global Excellence Awards® in the Fastest Growing Security Company of the Year category.

This award highlights companies who provide "advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions" which are serving to improve the standards of the security and IT industry as a whole. The contestants are determined by scores compiled from a global panel of over 40 judges in various industries.

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