Wireless data transmission has been, and remains an integral part of any data network, although it has changed a lot since Macroni's time. Nowadays, a wireless connection has all the valuable qualities of a fixed wireline connection. As a result its usage is progressively shifting from the last-mile application towards the core applications. At the same time, slowly but surely, we are changing the general perspective of microwave links from a mere means of transport to a full network element. The latest wireless technology already has features that support the concept of SDN networks.

Unlicensed bands (frequency bands that do not require any fees) are becoming very popular. Recently there has been a growing interest in technologies for the E-band (70/80 GHz) and the V-band (60GHz). There is huge potential in these bands, as they are affordable communications with point-to-point speeds of up to 1Gb/s - in the near future we can also expect connections with capacities of 2.5 and 5 Gb/s. Also for Point-to-multipoint, there has been a slight increase in interest, because even these technologies, after a long period of inactivity, reached the point where they could compete on price and quality of service with other technologies, not just wireless ones. We represent manufacturers who are able to realize various special projects, such as the transfer of data into the fast moving transport vehicles, etc...

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Advanced Wireless Last Mile Solution

The little things often decide about satisfaction or dissatisfaction of end customer. Even good and cheap service may be perceived negatively if it has from time to time somefault. As an example we can name fluctuating in response to online gaming, jamming pictures when streaming sports tournament or stuttering an important call on Skype. What that for 99% of the time service works fine when at a critical moment it fails? The customer will be mildly annoyed ...

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Ethernet over any media

Data communications are renowned for the variety of communication protocols and interfaces. In the decades of its development there were created different interfaces for transmitting data and all of these interfaces are dependent on communication protocols and devices connected to them. For each new interface the complexity of the network increased and its maintenance was and is extremely demanding. If we need to transmit the service, whether to the customer or internally within the organization, each additional physical interface makes transmitting service more difficult and expensive. The ideal solution would be to have one physical interface, which can transmit various services.

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Guaranteed ethernet services

Internet connection is now as matter of course, whether it is a home, small business or large corporation. Internet throughput in comparison with its beginnings is enormous. From a user perspective the goal is reached when movies in high quality is pulling out faster than we can watch. High bandwidth network enables us to move most of the data in different data centres and clouds. Increasingly we use applications that are not on our local servers, but running directly from the private or public cloud. We are becoming dependent on a data connection; we can’t work without it.

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Wireless connection as alternative to optical fiber

Optical fibers are the most popular transmission medium at all levels of telecommunication and data networks. It provides huge bandwidth and high reliability against failure or transmission error. Laying optic cable, however, it is time consuming and capital intensive and not always an easy matter. There are places where optics laying could be very difficult or not possible at all. A common obstacle are roads, rivers and workers of heritage preservation defending the historic city centre against excavation work.

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