Traffic Control

Today's data networks provide the ability to connect to a wide range of technologies and users have the opportunity to get onto the network anywhere at anytime. Every user has different needs and uses different applications. What they have in common are the requirements for the response of key applications. If we access bank applications, company applications or business critical applications we require quick and reliable responses regardless of the time of day. Operators and data centers must provide customers with seamless access to such applications, including guaranteed SLA.


From the operator's point of view it is necessary to manage each access line and separate critical data with guaranteed SLA from ordinary data without the need for a quick response (SLA). There are plenty of applications for downloading files, playing games, on-line video viewing, listening to audio and access to social networks. Behind a few network ports hundreds of different applications are hidden and the operator must recognize and apply the appropriate SLA for each connection. In terms of data centres its a similar situation as SLA is defined by its accessibility and performance of applications and this is controlled by load balancers- ADC (Application Delivery Controller). Well balanced traffic control of data networks and access to applications within data centers greatly increases user QoE.


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Active network security

Most of today’s networks is protected from Internet attack considered to be the greatest safety risk. In reality an overwhelming majority of attacks at corporate networks is lead from inside the corporation – from the local network. Corporate local network are expanding and it is often complicated to retroactively map all active ports; standard Ethernet hubs are added to locally increase the number of ports. At the same time more and more users access the network wirelessly both from company and private laptops and from various mobile devices as well. It is almost impossible to find out who connected from what location, to what application and what data was transferred. We do not know an exact address plan, we reserve addresses that are unused for a long time. In case of an attack we are defenseless and we cannot identify the attacker.

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WAF - Web protection without interfering with the application

Although a number of security products perfectly understands communication (ie. The HTTP protocol) onlyWAF can understand also the structure and logic of a particular application, which is always unique. Nothing can protect your site better than the Web Application Firewall. And no need to interfere with any existing application.

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