Active network security

Most of today’s networks is protected from Internet attack considered to be the greatest safety risk. In reality an overwhelming majority of attacks at corporate networks is lead from inside the corporation – from the local network. Corporate local network are expanding and it is often complicated to retroactively map all active ports; standard Ethernet hubs are added to locally increase the number of ports. At the same time more and more users access the network wirelessly both from company and private laptops and from various mobile devices as well. It is almost impossible to find out who connected from what location, to what application and what data was transferred. We do not know an exact address plan, we reserve addresses that are unused for a long time. In case of an attack we are defenseless and we cannot identify the attacker.

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Advanced Wireless Last Mile Solution

The little things often decide about satisfaction or dissatisfaction of end customer. Even good and cheap service may be perceived negatively if it has from time to time somefault. As an example we can name fluctuating in response to online gaming, jamming pictures when streaming sports tournament or stuttering an important call on Skype. What that for 99% of the time service works fine when at a critical moment it fails? The customer will be mildly annoyed ...

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WAF - Web protection without interfering with the application

Although a number of security products perfectly understands communication (ie. The HTTP protocol) onlyWAF can understand also the structure and logic of a particular application, which is always unique. Nothing can protect your site better than the Web Application Firewall. And no need to interfere with any existing application.

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Distributed Network Functions D-NFV

In connection with SDN, there is talk about applications that open network architecture brings. There is a new application interface that provides access to new applications without regional restrictions, which virtualizes networking functions. It is here that the concept of NFV (Network Virtualization Functions) becomes known. This function is essentially independent of SDN, but NFV alone can maximize the openness of the SDN interface. We need to get applications -network features- to the customer proactively, according to immediate needs. Most of these virtualised functions stay within data centres and are swiftly and efficiently allocated to customers. However, there are features that we would like to virtualize, but they would need to be closer to the customers. We need the customers to have open platform, which would allow us to dynamically add network functionality as needed; we need distributed NFV.

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DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are nothing new, and the principle is simple. The attacker is trying to "overwhelm" the service (application servers, infrastructure, etc.). Lately, however, we may experience a significant increase in these attacks. Increasing not only their frequency but also the duration (in the world are now even users who are under constant attack), complexity (the attacks are thoroughly prepared and often combine more than 5 ways). There are increasing a different goals. We can say that today there is no firm or a market segment that could not become victims.

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Ethernet over any media

Data communications are renowned for the variety of communication protocols and interfaces. In the decades of its development there were created different interfaces for transmitting data and all of these interfaces are dependent on communication protocols and devices connected to them. For each new interface the complexity of the network increased and its maintenance was and is extremely demanding. If we need to transmit the service, whether to the customer or internally within the organization, each additional physical interface makes transmitting service more difficult and expensive. The ideal solution would be to have one physical interface, which can transmit various services.

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Guaranteed ethernet services

Internet connection is now as matter of course, whether it is a home, small business or large corporation. Internet throughput in comparison with its beginnings is enormous. From a user perspective the goal is reached when movies in high quality is pulling out faster than we can watch. High bandwidth network enables us to move most of the data in different data centres and clouds. Increasingly we use applications that are not on our local servers, but running directly from the private or public cloud. We are becoming dependent on a data connection; we can’t work without it.

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Interconnection between operators - new business opportunities

Interconnection between operators of Ethernet technology is now quite common, but Ethernet is in most cases only used as a transport protocol for IP between two closest peers. The actual interconnection between operators, ISPs and data centres is thus the third layer of the OSI model, IP plays a key role. But there are many applications where IP ultimately does not satisfy the technical requirements of applications and gets solutions very expensive. This is also why we still use circuit-based TDM to meet the requirements of customers with high demands on the SLA. Carrier Ethernet connects these two worlds, flexibility and throughput of IP networks and the demands on the SLA known from TDM networks. Carrier Ethernet allows to create a data circuit through multiple operators with end-to-end measurement and micro-sec. precision. Unlike TDM networks Carrier Ethernet offers greater throughput with much lower costs even compared with networks based on IP.

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Wireless connection as alternative to optical fiber

Optical fibers are the most popular transmission medium at all levels of telecommunication and data networks. It provides huge bandwidth and high reliability against failure or transmission error. Laying optic cable, however, it is time consuming and capital intensive and not always an easy matter. There are places where optics laying could be very difficult or not possible at all. A common obstacle are roads, rivers and workers of heritage preservation defending the historic city centre against excavation work.

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Network access control, threat detection and mitigation of unwanted traffic

ICT security is a dynamic process in which it is necessary to keep pace with ever-evolving environment of cyber threats. One way to success is a detailed and ongoing evaluation of the state not only to network interface (perimeter) and in themselves endpoints (endpoint), but throughout the entire internal network. NetShield is the next generation solution for access control mobile and fixed devices that provide important functions in the chain of security. Get visibility and control over untrusted network activities through dynamic management of all devices on the network. NetShield is a non-inline appliance, ensuring that it can be mounted anywhere and detect and ensure a problem anywhere.

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