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WAF - Web protection without interfering with the application

Although a number of security products perfectly understands communication (ie. The HTTP protocol) onlyWAF can understand also the structure and logic of a particular application, which is always unique. Nothing can protect your site better than the Web Application Firewall. And no need to interfere with any existing application.

Solution benefits:

  • Real protection of Web applications based on knowledge of protocol and application logic.
  • Protecting Web without any interfere with the application itself (in many cases, intervention in the code is not even possible).
  • Possibility to add a number of important properties - user authentication, integration with AD / RADIUS, SSO (signle Sign On), allowing access based on geolocation, again without interfering with the application code.
  • Protection against automatic downloading of data and operation of the "robots" (scraping, botnets, brute force attacks, etc.).
  • Easy deployment with the ability to learn from the application logic operation.

Although the customer will protect the input (perimeter) of its network, whether using firewalls etc., he have no choice but to let open access to Web site itself. Today, almost everything is accessible via a web interface - SAP, CRM, mail etc. Many applications (eg. WordPress) also uses third-party extensions. Achieve security application itself is virtually impossible. The attackers are well aware of a series of attacks aimed at Web sites (see open source initiative OWASP TOP 10, which regularly evaluates the greatest risk in this area).

The impacts of insufficient protection of application on the customer

  • Data theft (eg. Using SQL injection) and damage to the companies or customers (stolen credit card information, etc.).
  • Modification of Web content (loss of reputation or financial loss). E.g. hacker can itself "cheapen" products in e-shop.
  • Disabling Web (financial loss).

Good WAF offers not only the maximum security but also easy implementation. It must be able to learn all the information about the specific application itself, then evaluate risk and create precise rules.

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WAF - Web protection without interfering with the application

Radware offers extra AppWall and RBAC (Role Based Access Control) and SSO (Single Sign On),it means the ability to define access rights from the perspective of the role of different users, even in combination with geolocation, it is where individual users are accessing.

For more information, download the whitepaper The Technology Behind Radware's Web Application Security Solutions (1.7 MB pdf).

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