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IP VPN virtualzation and Carrier Ethernet access

IP VPN are for many years the only available and economical solution for connecting corporate networks. IP protocol is the unifying element in a private networks, networks of individual operators or using the public Internet. The main reason for massive expansion of private networks using IP VPN is extending IP and mainly using the public Internet. IP VPN technology allows us to connect to our private network wherever there is an Internet connection.

Using IP VPN but also has its weaker site uses encryption technology, which is computationally demanding and challenging on the overall complexity of the installation. The operator can leave the management of IP VPN customers, but it increases the demands on their ICT infrastructure. Or he can manage IP VPN equipment at the customer, but this is very difficult for operational costs associated with maintaining facilities outside their own network. From a technical perspective IP VPN are very safe, but they make a big delay for IP packets, and thus eliminate the application of real-time work, video conferencing, telephones and so on.

The solution from the perspective of the operator is to use the L2 network to connect customers and displacement IP VPN concentrator to the data centre operator. Customers of one operator can connect their branches across L2 VPN and IP VPN used only for connecting branches covered with another operator. IP VPN concentrator is administered by the operator. IP VPNs are virtualized and delivered as a service. Virtualization and location of IP VPN concentrator to a data centre operator eliminates the problems of computing power and allows easy multiplication without installation at the customer. At the customer is only EDD (Ethernet Demarcation Device), which is easy to manage and provide access to a wider range of operator services without restriction IP.


Benefits of this solution:

  • Ethernet as the access technology will enable the virtualization of a wide range of networking features
  • Simplifying Deployment of IP VPN as a service provider or private cloud.
  • Reduce costs of ICT business customers
  • L2 interconnection between operators or private "cloud" L2 circuits 
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IP VPN virtualzation and Carrier Ethernet access

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