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Wireless connection as alternative to optical fiber

Optical fibers are the most popular transmission medium at all levels of telecommunication and data networks. It provides huge bandwidth and high reliability against failure or transmission error. Laying optic cable, however, it is time consuming and capital intensive and not always an easy matter. There are places where optics laying could be very difficult or not possible at all. A common obstacle are roads, rivers and workers of heritage preservation defending the historic city centre against excavation work.

It is in the situations when the laying of optics elongates due to obstructions, or when the installation is economically unfeasible, then comes in handy other alternatives. One of substitute or temporary variations are often microwave links. The speed of implementation is their advantage. Unlicensed connection can be done literally by the next day, also affordability is significant and additionally to this microwave link is as a temporary solution easily removable and transferable to other locations. The only thing required is a direct visibility. Capacity of existing connections already reached 5 Gb / s, far away from the possibility of optics, but in many applications and usage scenarios is fully sufficient. For example, connection with optics panel houses on the housing estate where there are so far only two or three clients of yours, this way is economically inefficient, but microwave link, however, may have a return of less than 12 months. If the number of clients grow, you have enough time to install the optics and subsequently microwave link move to another location.

VUMS DataCom has in its portfolio two technologies for the aforementioned applications. EtherHaul radios by Israeli company Siklu designed for unlicensed E-band and V-band, are already well known. Within three years they become the market leader of E-band connections. Links provide high quality services with a capacity of up to 1Gbps full duplex at a distance of about 2km. Links for licensed bandwidth IP-20C by the company Ceragon Networks provide up to 2Gb / s full duplex at distances up to tens of kilometres, and although require a paid bandplanning, this technology slowly gains its fans. In its segment it is a unique solution and often the only way to implement the connection. VUMS DataCom is a partner and direct importer of both mentioned technologies and both product lines belong to a stable portfolio of delivered solutions.

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Wireless connection as alternative to optical fiber

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