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Network access control, threat detection and mitigation of unwanted traffic

ICT security is a dynamic process in which it is necessary to keep pace with ever-evolving environment of cyber threats. One way to success is a detailed and ongoing evaluation of the state not only to network interface (perimeter) and in themselves endpoints (endpoint), but throughout the entire internal network. NetShield is the next generation solution for access control mobile and fixed devices that provide important functions in the chain of security. Get visibility and control over untrusted network activities through dynamic management of all devices on the network. NetShield is a non-inline appliance, ensuring that it can be mounted anywhere and detect and ensure a problem anywhere.

NetSHIELD brings a rich set of features agentless Network Access Control (NAC) security and critical internal network to access the firewall and anti-virus solution can address and where there is 95% of today's disruption. Pre-Cognition Engine NetShield is designed to quarantine the endpoint preceded by infection. The patented mechanism ensures its quarantining with zero incidence of false positive errors. In 99% of cases of breaking into the system through a known vulnerability, it was carried out in the case already known vulnerabilities! With automated audit and identify vulnerabilities CVE tool to get control weaknesses in the network through which can lead to disruption of your network.

Key features:

  • Simple Deployment and Management
  • Protects against zero-hour malware, phishing and ransomware
  • Provides a combination of functions of detection, blocking and quarantine
  • Prevention through automated auditing and identification CVE
  • agentless (no software to computers)
  • Non-inline installation (no need to pass through it all the data)
  • Management of local and remote devices from a single console
  • Workflow manager of captured security disagreements

Other features:

  • Stable, optimized and efficient platform
  • Large deployment scalability - from 25 to thousands of devices / users
  • Reporting of compliance with safety standards
  • Security updates the database every 3 hours
  • TLD blocking and detection of MAC spoof
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Network access control, threat detection and mitigation of unwanted traffic

NetShield is located in the central office (Central Office) and thanks to built-in Command center can manage NetShield other facilities located in other locations from a single console. NetShield detects based on L2 each communication device that is attempting to communicate on the network either physically or via wifi.

Every individual device NetSHIELD includes NAC (Network Access Control) Monitoring of known vulnerabilities (CVE) Blocking of infected devices, and other useful features.

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