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Interconnection between operators - new business opportunities

Interconnection between operators of Ethernet technology is now quite common, but Ethernet is in most cases only used as a transport protocol for IP between two closest peers. The actual interconnection between operators, ISPs and data centres is thus the third layer of the OSI model, IP plays a key role. But there are many applications where IP ultimately does not satisfy the technical requirements of applications and gets solutions very expensive. This is also why we still use circuit-based TDM to meet the requirements of customers with high demands on the SLA. Carrier Ethernet connects these two worlds, flexibility and throughput of IP networks and the demands on the SLA known from TDM networks. Carrier Ethernet allows to create a data circuit through multiple operators with end-to-end measurement and micro-sec. precision. Unlike TDM networks Carrier Ethernet offers greater throughput with much lower costs even compared with networks based on IP.

Services with guaranteed SLA have much higher value than the non-guaranteed service. The market is wide range of fast internet connection, some operators guarantee a minimum throughput, but if we need a line with a guaranteed throughput across multiple operators, the offer will be very limited. If we add strict SLA to requirements, which will guarantee the delay, jitter, packet loss, offering today will probably be only from operators TDM networks. Carrier Ethernet addresses this issue and, in addition, many of the components certified for Carrier Ethernet probably are in the network of the operators.

Carrier Ethernet opens up a whole new business model for cooperation between operators. Linking by CE 2.0 enables operators owning access technologies to offer access services with guaranteed SLA. The value of such services is significantly higher than the non-guaranteed access. The circuit may be composed of more pieces owned by the various operators, and any of them, including the transit operator, may offer a whole circuit to end customers. Each operator can offer data circuits on a wider territory and provide guaranteed SLAs including customer portal, which demonstrates that the SLA has been respected throughout the commercial relationship. The operator can measure the SLA, end-to-end without having to possess the target device (EDD - Ethernet Demarcation Device).


Benefits of the solution:

  • New business opportunities for existing operators
  • Offer services with high SLA at affordable prices
  • Broad coverage through co-operators
  • Economic interconnection of corporate networks with guaranteed SLA
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Interconnection between operators - new business opportunities

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