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Distributed Network Functions D-NFV

In connection with SDN, there is talk about applications that open network architecture brings. There is a new application interface that provides access to new applications without regional restrictions, which virtualizes networking functions. It is here that the concept of NFV (Network Virtualization Functions) becomes known. This function is essentially independent of SDN, but NFV alone can maximize the openness of the SDN interface. We need to get applications -network features- to the customer proactively, according to immediate needs. Most of these virtualised functions stay within data centres and are swiftly and efficiently allocated to customers. However, there are features that we would like to virtualize, but they would need to be closer to the customers. We need the customers to have open platform, which would allow us to dynamically add network functionality as needed; we need distributed NFV.

D-NFV RAD's is a Carrier Ethernet  demarcation device with open architecture for the installation of NFV. From the perspective of the operator or organization, this combines the functions of service-interconnect on the demarcation layer with a guaranteed SLA, a variety of network functions and NFV distribution from a central location. The customer can choose the network functions as needed and install them where they are needed. The device is open for third-party applications such as NFVs.

Typical applications of D-NFV are, for example, the NetFlow probe for collection of data and protecting the network by detecting anomalies. Specialised NFV probes reduce the utilisation of routers and simplify the network infrastructure by eliminating specialised hardware probes, switches and taps, reducing the cost of administration and distribution of software. A further suitable application for NFV is a combination of DDI and NAC, where the recently distributed D-NFV architecture supports the need of DDI and NAC within the realm of active security.

Benefits of this solution:

  • Distributed network functions
  • Services with guaranteed SLA
  • Open architecture for NFV
  • Support MSS model
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Distributed Network Functions D-NFV

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