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DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are nothing new, and the principle is simple. The attacker is trying to "overwhelm" the service (application servers, infrastructure, etc.). Lately, however, we may experience a significant increase in these attacks. Increasing not only their frequency but also the duration (in the world are now even users who are under constant attack), complexity (the attacks are thoroughly prepared and often combine more than 5 ways). There are increasing a different goals. We can say that today there is no firm or a market segment that could not become victims.

Impacts on customers

  • Unavailability of services, in the "best case" a slowdown in service.
  • Direct financial loss (especially for online services).
  • Loss of reputation / confidence and consequent loss of customers.

Solution benefits

  • Detection and blocking all possible attacks (either network or application, encrypted / SSL, volumetric, known and unknown).
  • Instant and automatic response. Detection and blocking in a matter of seconds, regardless of the type of attacks.
  • Great performance and hardware acceleration. Protecting all infrastructure, including firewall, IPS, ADC servers, etc.
  • Cleaning operation, not only blocking based on IP addresses that can be "false".
  • Visualization of traffic from a security perspective, generating reports.
  • Recourse to the attack on manufacturer's ERT (Emergency Response Team).
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DDoS Protection

It is important to realize that conventional security products (firewalls, IPS, next generation firewalls, etc.) will not protect against all the risk. They aren't bad, they are just designed for a different type of security risk. From the perspective of security products is a peculiarity of the fact that whether DDoS protection works or not a customer recognizes it almost immediately. If not, the service is almost immediately unavailable. For the customer who "must" be online is a specialized DDoS solution the only logical choice.

Product DefensePro combines multiple technologies (NBA Syn protection, IPS, IP Reputation, SSL mitigation) with the option at any time to contact the Radware ERT (Emergency Response Team).

Further information can be found in Radware Security Report.

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