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Todays networks are protected from an attack from the Internet, which is considered to be the greatest threat to security. The reality is that most attacks to corporate networks originate from inside the organisation- from local networks. Corporate local networks are expanding and it is often difficult to know where the active ports are. Its also common to add ordinary Ethernet hubs to the network to increase the number of local ports. At the same time more and more people are accessing the network wirelessly, for work laptops, and private and non-private mobile devices. It is difficult to trace which joined where, and what application they were using and what data was transferred. We do not know the exact addresses, we reserve addresses that are longer applicable. Essentially, in the event of an attack we are powerless to identify the attacker.


Consistent controlled network access eliminates most of the security risks while optimizing resources and expenses for the operation of the network. Access control 802.1x allows dynamic assignment of users into the appropriate VLAN and, based on the unique needs, into global locations. By monitoring the state of the network we can identify a suspicious user whose access could be deactivated remotely or their activity could be redirected to the quarantine VLAN. If a wider attack were to occur, we can switch to a network emergency- by disconnecting all users, but still running mission-critical applications. The same approach applies for corporate Wifi access devices, or private user equipment used for business purposes (BYOD).


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Active network security

Most of today’s networks is protected from Internet attack considered to be the greatest safety risk. In reality an overwhelming majority of attacks at corporate networks is lead from inside the corporation – from the local network. Corporate local network are expanding and it is often complicated to retroactively map all active ports; standard Ethernet hubs are added to locally increase the number of ports. At the same time more and more users access the network wirelessly both from company and private laptops and from various mobile devices as well. It is almost impossible to find out who connected from what location, to what application and what data was transferred. We do not know an exact address plan, we reserve addresses that are unused for a long time. In case of an attack we are defenseless and we cannot identify the attacker.

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Network access control, threat detection and mitigation of unwanted traffic

ICT security is a dynamic process in which it is necessary to keep pace with ever-evolving environment of cyber threats. One way to success is a detailed and ongoing evaluation of the state not only to network interface (perimeter) and in themselves endpoints (endpoint), but throughout the entire internal network. NetShield is the next generation solution for access control mobile and fixed devices that provide important functions in the chain of security. Get visibility and control over untrusted network activities through dynamic management of all devices on the network. NetShield is a non-inline appliance, ensuring that it can be mounted anywhere and detect and ensure a problem anywhere.

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