We are very happy cooperating with VUMS DataCom. They are responsive, fast and open. They communicate well across the international partners and promptly provide us with needed answers.

Michal Šmídek

In the cooperation with VUMS DataCom I appreciate most their active approach while shaping our relationship with them. They supported our growth from a “garage-size” company to our today’s top 100 technological companies supplier. They knew exactly what steps to take in order to enter the “telco” segment. We feel valued cooperating with VUMS DataCom . We are not mere “numbers” in their sales targets. We know each other personally; we make business with real people. We appreciate the open and focused approach of VUMS DataCom to partner with smaller, growing companies as we were.

Jiří Tobola

VUMS DataCom is technically one of the most reliable partners I have in CEE. We have a saying in our company describing the level of technical expertise we find in VUMS DataCom: "It has to be done, because Libor (the Technical Director) says so!" We trust fully their technical expertise. As a client you can be sure, they will provide you with the best solution possible focusing on your business needs. 

Amir Kandell Head of Central East Europe Business

I wanted to say „thanks“ for all efforts with our purchase with VUMS DataCom. It was very complicated but has been done at the end. I hope you will enjoy these two bottles of fine essence which is typical of this area. Best Wishes.

Alessandro Bondoli
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