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Management team leading VUMS DataCom.

Jan Damborský CEO

Jan started to work in VUMS Datacom as Business Development Manager. Several years he focused to new possibilities, business opportunities and proposed plans for the development of the company considering the Czech market and with an understanding for suppliers and partners. He has been gaining experience in the international field in large foreign companies since 1995. First on technical and then on business posts, which was for example post OSS / BSS Product Manager for EMEA, or Sales Director C&EE. Thereby Jan’s List of abroad activities isn’t done. As director of sales in Europe, he worked in the Benelux, the Nordic countries and Estonia.
Over 15 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications sector in Central and Eastern Europe Jan capitalized besides product management also in marketing. The development of new projects he involves with taste and high work engagement. Excellent communication skills and the vision of a successful outcome is worth the successful offering of new technological solutions and building a network of business partners.

 " Jan has a great understanding of how to build success in Eastern Europe whether that be hunting new end user accounts or developing a business partner network amongst other skills I would place being a great listener as a talent. Thanks to his patience and integrity channels are comfortable working with Jan and end users easily respect his broad industry knowledge coupled with a genuine desire to understand their business challenges. I enjoyed working with Jan very much and hope to do so again one day.”

- David Collins
Sales Director

As CEO Jan sees the opportunity to lead the company openly with emphasis on strict division of responsibilities. VUMS Datacom perceived as a stable company on the Czech market, in which employees have extensive experience with many technologies. What is important for him is to support employees and encourage them to gain experiences. Jan's vision of the direction the company is clear - VUMS Datacom as a technology partner, not only for the biggest Czech system integrators, can choose the right solution tailored.
The area of Jan's professional interests includes security systems, Wireless, Carrier Ethernet and SDN and especially NMS / OSS systems. Jan can see the beauty of simplicity and practicality thanks to his relation to crafts and nature, from which he draws inspiration and peace. Ideal Technology for him is the one that actually works and we don’t even know about it.
The rich experience of working for foreign companies, a clear vision of the future direction of the company and his purposefulness. That is what Jan is predetermine for the position of CEO of VUMS DataCom.

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Libor Jungbauer Director of Customer Support

Libor has been part of the technical team at VUMS DataCom since 1995. He gained technical knowledge during his time at Softpro, where he worked as a technical specialist, responsible for software customization and providing technical support. From the beginning, Libor’s role at VUMS Datacom was in the field of technical support to the customers, and his technical skills, combined with his capable analytical approach, were invaluable to the company. Today Libor is a recognized expert in many areas of data communications, particularly within DWDM technology. Libor’s knowledge, underpinned by a great deal of practical experience has its foundations deep in the detailed study of communication standards, particularly open standards, that facilitate communications and enable the development of open systems. His eye for precision and detail is also reflected in his interest in HiFi systems which are characterized by high-fidelity acoustic signals; he is an acoustics enthusiast with a keen interest in the whole process of sound reproduction. The art of listening is the cornerstone of communication skills and has a significant influence on the perception of the quality of services. Libor has demonstrated these skills, in particular in the role of CTO, which he has held at VUMS Datacom since 2011. In autumn 2016, he was appointed director of customer support, where he is in charge of a team of technical specialists and he is responsible for the functioning of all activities in the customer support in the company.

"I got the trust, and I'll do everything I can to not disappoint my team and our customers."

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Martin Buroň Director of Customer Services

Martin works for VUMS Datacom for 16 years. In 2000, he got on the VUMS‘board as the product manager, which recently transformed into a business development manager.
Previously he worked more than 10 years as a managing director and technical director of the small Czech-German company focused on private radio network. The main influence that formed Martin not only professionally, in his words, is interesteing in his own work. Nowadays it is impossible to determine the exact boundary between work and personal life. Work must itself be a hobby, otherwise the person can not do it in the long term, and first of all well.

"Last year I fell into the category 50+, ie into group on the labor market, which contains the most vulnerable people. For me it means that I have to be more carefull I didn’t  missed the boat on - and I think skills upgrading is a good way."

The company like VUMS Datacom commonly combine job positions. Martin has thus remain in charge of his position as business development manager for microwaves and WDM. He complemented the education and recently received the international certificates PRINCE2 and ITIL. This certificates are often required for participation in tenders, which would VUMS Datacom participated either as the main guarantor or as a subcontractor of any of the partners.
Martin further education is a clear signal of where VUMS DataCom is going - increasingly focus on technologies and solutions with high added value. Every single business case is something unique and it is good to be approached as a project. Martin's project approach helps to address these business cases comprehensively, timely and effectively.
Implementation of complex and comprehensive solution involves not only the hardware but also supply a range of additional services such as implementation, integration, configuration. Sophisticated Solutions is required as part of the delivery.
Martin's appointment to the post of director of customer service and project manager is a clear signal that the VUMS Datacom appreciate his many years of experience and professional knowledge.

"I hope that I will be valid and useful member of the team in VUMS Datacom."

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František Pěč Managing Partner, Financial and Technical Director

František is a founding member of VUMS Datacom. Prior to founding the company in 1993, he worked at the Research Institute of Mathematical Machines, where his main focus was on the design of integrated circuits and activation of FPGA. From the beginning, VUMS Datacom was focused on data communications and František initially secured the technology for the LAN networks, followed later by RAD technology, optical communications, DWDM, network security and more. With his technical background, attention to detail and keen interest in new technology, he has risen to a leadership role, to become the technological head of the company in the position of CTO and then CEO. František’s enthusiasm for technology is not limited to data communications, as he also has a passion for theoretical physics and cosmology, a field that combines the search for mathematical models- a systematic, rational and critical examination of the facts- with the realm of philosophy. Good communication and a deep sense of fair play, based on many years as a member of a community-minded softball team, are the foundations of all of František’s interactions.

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Radek Petrželka Chief Sales Officer

Radek is one of the pillars of the company VUMS Datacom. After graduating VSB - Technical University of Ostrava in the early 90s he got into the maelstrom of computer technology as a computer network administrator in the company Vitkovice Inc. After a few years he was dragged from a purely technical position on the sales post to a company named Soft-Tronik, now known as Arrow ECS. After gaining valuable experience with the trade he moved to Prague and he worked for Tech Data Distribution as Sales Specialist. In VUMS Datacom started fifteen years ago as a product manager. Radek was appointed Chief Sales Officer, for his long-term stable results and a deep professional knowledge of the trade, with competency to manage the entire business process from the beginning up to the successful delivery of a product or service to satisfied customer. Radek’s goal in the new position is primarily to simplify processes in the growing company, to strengthen cooperation with existing partners and develop new business opportunities mainly in the service sector. He continually deepens his expertise with further education, as evidenced by certifications and attended trainings. In recent years he has been studying MBA. He enjoys travelling and in his spare time he is devoted to recreational sports.

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